Relive the 80’s with the RichardSolo BT-4000 Rechargeable Wireless Boombox

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Remember the 80’s and 90’s before there was such a thing as the iPod? In those days, the music player of choice was the boombox. Now you can relive those days with the RichardSolo BT-4000 Rechargeable Wireless Boombox. It might look retro, but it’s packed with technology too. The BT-4000 features 90mm poly driven stereo speakers, a Bluetooth so you can pair with your smartphone or tablet, and a dedicated SD card slot and USB slot so that you can play music directly from flash memory. This boombox even includes an FM radio with a built-in telescopic antenna and 20-station memory presets. The 2100mAh Lithium polymer battery makes this a mobile speaker / radio that plays up to 5 hours on a single charge. It even has a stand on top to hold your tablet or smartphone. The RichardSolo BT-4000 Rechargeable Wireless Boombox is priced at $99.95 and is available now from RichardSolo.

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