Truffol Strap for Pebble smartwatch review

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The Pebble has been one of the original smart watches to kickstart (pun intended) the smart watch revolution.  I backed the KickStarter campaign and have really enjoyed using it for these last couple of years, but boy, is the plastic wristband less than stylish! Luckily, the watchband can be switched out with various bands of your own choosing, since it uses a standard 22mm size.  Truffol sent me two stainless steel watchbands to fashion up the Pebble, so let’s take a look!

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Truffol offers two different watch bands – one for Pebble Solid and one for Pebble Steel, both in silver and black.  I own the red Pebble Solid, so my review will mainly reflect the usage of that model.


Packaging enclosed:

  • stainless steel watch strap
  • spring bar fork
  • strap adjustment tool
  • watch band removal instructions
  • watch band shortening instructions


The strap and silver spring bar fork came in a lovely gift box.  The spring bar fork is used to remove the plastic/rubber wristband and install the stainless steel band.


Here is the blue strap adjustment tool, which is an additional purchase on their website.  It’s a worthy investment if you need to shorten the length of a wrist band.


It made it very easy to to remove two links that I needed so the strap fit my wrist.  A printout of instructions were enclosed, but are also available on the website if needed.



I really like that the black stainless steel matches the Pebble’s side casing perfectly. There are no gaps, and the band wraps comfortably around my wrist. There is no pinching of my hair or skin, which is important for all day wear.


The back of the watch also fits nicely.


Underneath the watchband the fit is smooth and comfortable.

It uses a butterfly clasp to close the band, and spring-loaded buttons to open the band.


The black stainless steel has a brushed look, which is quite handsome.  The weight of the band with my watch is a bit heavier naturally, but that’s expected since it’s stainless steel, and not a plastic watchband.  It feels the same weight and feel as a traditional steel watchband.


Pictured here is the silver band for the Pebble Steel, which I don’t own. The same opinions stand for this, as it’s made very nicely, and has the same weight and feel.  I think the best reason to get this band for a Pebble Steel would simply for a shinier look, but there’s not too much difference visually between the Pebble Steel band and this one.


Overall, I think the Truffol Strap is a lovely accessory for the traditional Pebble watch.  It gives you a nice alternative to the plastic band that the Pebble originally came with.  The price is $34.99 for either type of band (Pebble Solid or Pebble Steel) and comes in either black or silver.

Source:  The sample for this review was provided by Truffol. For more information, visit


Product Information

  • Pebble Solid or Pebble Steel watch
  • Stylish
  • Good feel
  • Free global shipping
  • 1 year warranty
  • Heavy

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