Keep your keys organized and quiet with the Orbitkey

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Orbitkey is yet another way to corral your keys to make them more compact in your pocket and to keep them quiet.  The Orbitkey consists of either a leather strap ($39.95) or an active elastomer strap ($29.95) and a locking post that your keys will fit over.  Most any flat key with a hole bigger than 4mm will fit on Orbitkey’s post; it will hold up to seven keys.  Simply fold the keys into the cover created by the strap to keep the keys from jingling together and from scratching your phone or other items in your pocket.  Since the Orbitkey only accommodates flat keys, the straps will come with key holder (D-shaped piece in upper right image)  that you can use to attach your car keys or security fobs to the Orbitkey strap.  You can also purchase accessories for the Orbitkey.  There’s a bottle opener ($7.50), an 8GB USB key ($19.95), or a 32GB USB key ($34.95).  The straps are available in a variety of colors, and you can even buy extra straps at a reduced price if you like to change the look of your accessories periodically.  Check the Orbitkey website for more information or to order.

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