With the Magic Tap, even young children can pour themselves a drink without making a mess

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If you have young children who have reached that “I can do it myself” age, you know what a time bomb a gallon jug of milk can be. Install a Magic Tap Automatic Drink Dispenser on the milk jug, and even young children can dispense milk or other beverage without even needing to lift the carton out of the fridge. The universal cap fits most large bottles, and the 13″ long tubing will reach the bottom of tall containers. You’ll need a couple of AA batteries (not included) to power the Magic Tap. Bed Bath & Beyond offers the Magic Tap in white for $12.99.

5 thoughts on “With the Magic Tap, even young children can pour themselves a drink without making a mess”

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  2. This is not just for young children!

    My spouse and I both have arthritis in our thumbs. This makes lifting a large gallon of milk painful.

    We can get them out of the bag into the fridge, but taking them in and out is a pain. (Literally)

    So I’ve stuck with quart cartons which are easier to use.

    I’m not too thrilled about the battery, but I actually have to walk up to BB&B later today so I’m going to invest in one to see how well it works. Especially for adding milk to the morning cereal bowl.


    (BTW, I usually stay away from products with the word “Magic” in them. Or “As seen on TV.” They never seem to work as well as what they show in ads.)

  3. OJ and Milk. I see a LOT of careful cleaning in the future of any purchaser of this — or a complaint of smell and/or failure of the hardware in short order.

  4. Got my Magic Tap today. As I feared, the reality doesn’t quite live up to the hype.

    First thing, I can’t get the thing to firmly sit on the neck of the bottle. It’s on. And the liquid comes out the tap. But anyone who doesn’t know to pick up the bottle carefully would probably drop the MT or the bottle or both.

    Next, it took quite a bit of fiddling with the on/off lever to get the motor to work. This included the top of the tap falling off. This thing is NOT made securely.

    Finally, liquid does come out. But a close reading of the instructions says that you should not use it with anything containing pulp. Hmmmm. Seems to me that they show a lot of pictures of kids filling up their glasses with OJ. So this means no fresh OJ and no Added Pulp Tropicana. And that’s how I like my juice.

    Fortunately I bought this primarily for my spouse who uses large bottles of milk and no OJ.

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