It’s easy to keep up with your glasses when you have a Lens Friend


The Lens Friend is a strip of silicone with magnets embedded in each end; when it’s folded in the middle, the ends grip together.  You can fold them over your shirt pocket, a collar, or your bag.  It has three 0.5″ loops on one end for you to slip one of the temples of your eyeglasses or sunglasses through.  You can hang other things, like your earbuds through the Lens Friend’s loops, too, or you can even use the Lens Friend as a bookmarked by closing it over your page.  The soft silicone won’t scratch your expensive glasses, and they’ll stay in easy reach for when you need them.  The Lens Friends are available in black, ivory, light blue, red, or royal blue for $12.99 from the Lens Friend website.

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