Keystone key holder review

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Got keys?  Sure you do!  Today let’s take a look at another everyday key carry solution, the Keystone.

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  • Compact – The Keystone maximizes space by holding as many of your keys as possible in a 6/8″ x 3 1/4″(20mm x 85mm) space.
  • Silent – Your keys will never jingle.
  • Stylish – The “Swiss Army Knife” look will catch the attention of those around you.

Abel Ang was too late to help back the Kickstarter for the Keystone, the Keysmart.  With access to the family workshop, he obsessed and toiled for a year on his own ideas.  This is the result.

I received the Keystone along with the keyring, carabiner and gift box, which are part of the Kickstarter stretch goals.

keystone 03

keystone 04

You get the two Keystone plates, spacers threaded posts, split-ring, carabiner, and some Ikea-esque printed instructions.

keystone 06

I didn’t count how many spacers/washers were included.  It’s a lot!

keystone 08

keystone 07

keystone 09

The sides measured in at 85mm long, 20mm high, and 2mm thick.

keystone 10

They’re also very lightweight, at only 7.2 grams each.

keystone 11

This is my Keysmart (top) along side one of the Keystone scales (bottom).  This particular Keysmart is the shorter version.  At this time the Keystone comes in one size (85mm long).

keystone 12

Assembly time!  First, line up the threaded posts.

keystone 13

Next, stack keys and spacers/washers as needed.

keystone 14

Make sure the threaded posts don’t stick out of the scales.

keystone 15

keystone 17

Once assembled, you can see how the finger cutouts come in handy to push keys out the opposite side.

keystone 16

Top view.  I tried my best to stack the keys.  However, a lot of this depends on how perfectly flat your keys are.  Some of mine are bent from wear and tear.

keystone 18

Oops, the split ring can shift around a bit.  It’s important to add the correct number of spacers/washers so the scales stay rigid.

keystone 20

keystone 19

Here you can see I’ve added some spacers/washers to create some “blank” space.  This way, any split rings or carabiners can move around freely while maintaining the rigidity of the Keystone.

keystone 21

Here’s another alternative:  All keys on one side.  Doing it this way leaves a lot of wasted space but it makes folding keys much easier.

keystone 23

keystone 22

Of course, this means an absurd number of washers on the other end.  But it’s sturdy!

keystone 24

You’ll notice I added two spacers/washers between each layer.  Why?  The threaded posts (screws) only come in one length.  Sure you can add/remove one to customize your thickness, but there’s no in between.  A “half-size” screw would have been handy.

You can read more at the Kickstarter page here or on the Keystone Facebook page for availability and updates.  As of this writing, you can order yours via the Kickstarter page by September 23, 2014.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Keystone. Visit their site for more info.


Product Information

Price:Starts at $18 for stainless steel, $20 for raw aluminum, $25 for gunmetal aluminum and $26 for black aluminum (as tested)
  • Keys with a hole. Keys with plastic probably won't work.
  • Folds up like a pocketknife. Finger cutouts are a nice touch. All hardware included. Priced right.
  • A half-size threaded screw post would be nice for fine-tuning. Only comes in one length.

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  2. The Keystone key holder is basically a good ideal but I would caution against using it for your vehicle ignition key as it will effectively become an extension of the key. As you now have what amounts to a long key sticking out of the ignition switch it could easily be struck while driving thus shutting off the engine and loosing control of the vehicle. With the engine shut down you no longer have power steering and brakes. Rotating the key/key holder a little more and one could easily lock the steering wheel! This very situation is what the current well publicized lawsuits and settlement agreements involving GM is about.

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