Quick, easy, fruit-enfused water on the go with Define Bottle

Want a healthier alternative to those sugary fruit drinks and caffeine-loaded soft drinks that we’ve become hooked on?  The Define Bottle may be a better way. Created by 15-year-old Carter Kostler to help combat childhood obesity, the Define Bottle is an attractive, eco-friendly water bottle that lets you infuse water with fruit and take it with you on the go. It can even be used to make fruit-infused herb tea and also disassembles for easy cleaning. Available in four versions, the larger 17 oz Define Bottle Twist Top or Define Sport Flip Top, each $29.99, the smaller 12 oz Define Bottle Lite for $17.00, and the smallest, the 7 oz Define Bottle Mini for $14.99.  Head over to Define Bottle for additional details.

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