Now your child can wash her hands without climbing or needing a stool

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As any parent knows, there’s a bit of danger associated with very young children trying to wash their hands on their own.  When my daughter was very young, we had to keep a footstool in the bathroom so she could reach to wash her hands – so there’s a falling danger.  There’s also a scalding danger should the child turn on the hot instead of cold water.  With these Aqueduck products, you don’t have to worry about either of those dangers.  The first part of the Aqueduck kit is the shovel-shaped Faucet Extender.  This attaches to the spout and redirects the water flow out toward the front of the sink, so it’s easier for the child to get their hands or toothbrush wet without standing on a stool.  There’s also a cute little duck extension wand for the water handles.  The top image shows the one for two-handled faucets.  You only get one for use on the cold water handle, so you don’t have to worry about burns.  If you have a center-lever style faucet, Aqueduck has a Single Handle Extender.  On this one, the duck has long wings that hang down on the sides of the spout and prevent the lever from being moved from the warm-water position.  The Faucet Extender is $12.99, and the handle extenders are $13.99 each.  Kits containing one Faucet Extender and one handle extender of either type is $25.  Learn more and order at Peachy LLC.

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