Turn your keyboard into a photo-editing cheat sheet

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If you do a lot of photo editing, you may already know all the keyboard shortcuts to make your task easier.  But if you’re a novice, or a not-so-novice who just can’t remember all those shortcuts, these Keyboard Shortcut Skins for Apple keyboards will help you speed up the process of editing your photos.  Skins are available for the Bluetooth wireless keyboard and the MacBook keyboard for Photoshop, Aperture, Lightroom, and Final Cut Pro/Express for $30 each.  There’s also a Photoshop skin available for the wired Apple keyboard with the numeric keypad for $40.  The skins are molded to fit the Apple keyboards perfectly, and they keep your keyboard free from dust while it’s in place.  You can leave them in place (because they show the keyboard letter or number they are covering), or you can easily remove and replace them whenever you want.  They are flexible and washable rubber, and they fit both US and UK versions of the Apple keyboards.  The Keyboard Shortcut Skins are available from Photojojo.

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