Enjoy the outdoors mosquito-free this summer


Last summer, we told you about the Terminix Allclear Tabletop Mosquito Repeller.  This summer we’re here to tell you about the Terminix Allclear Lantern, so you can light up your summer nights and still enjoy them mosquito-free.  The lantern is made of plastic and metal and measures 12″ tall X 11″ wide.  It’s battery operated, so you can use it anywhere outside.  It sprays non-toxic, botanical oils that are safe around children and pets to keep the mosquitos away.  It covers a 300 square-ft area, and it even has a remote to trigger the spray, so you don’t have to always keep it within arm’s reach.  You can sit it on a table or mount it using the hook on top of the lantern.  I found the lantern at Target for $59.99 for the lantern and your first can of repellant.   Extra cans are available in a 3-pack for $23.99.

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  • Sam May 19, 2014, 8:49 am

    I think a bug zapper (lantern with light that attracts flying
    pests, then electrocutes them) would be far more useful and cheaper. The
    Terminix device looks like a means to have you keep buying
    their sprays.

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