Easily record cellphone calls with this little recorder


When I have reviewed Bluetooth headsets, I’ve tried various methods of recording calls so I can include sound clips in the review.  If I had had the Cellphone Calls Recorder, I wouldn’t have needed to do all the steps I had to do.  I could have just plugged this recorder into the microphone jack on my phone, pressed a button, and recorded my call into the built-in 512MB of memory.  Plug in some headphones, and you can hear your recordings, or you can connect the recorder to your computer with a USB cable and transfer over the files for safekeeping.  You can even use it as an MP3 player, too.  The Cellphone Calls Recorder is available in silver, gold, blue, or black for $20 from Fancy.  (Just be sure you let your caller know if you’ll be recording the call.)

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