Keep your phone in your pocket – even while you sleep


I use my iPhone as my only alarm clock these days.  Combine being blind as a bat, early-morning grogginess, and not remembering exactly where I put my iPhone on my night table before falling asleep, and I have to do some serious fumbling to find the phone and shut off the alarm in the morning.  It would be nice to have a place to always put my phone so I’ll know just where it is.  It would be nice if there was enough room for the TV remotes that I can never find, too.  These 230tc Percale Pocket Sheets have a pocket sewn on the fitted sheet just to hold things like your phone and remotes.  They’re made of 100% cotton and have a 230 thread count.  The fitted sheet fits up to a 12″ thick mattress.  A flat sheet and a pillow case complete the set.  They’re available in red, gray, blue, pink, and orange.  Unfortunately, I won’t be getting a set of these sheets for my bed, because they only come in Twin and Twin XL sizes.  You can find them at JC Penney for $90 a set, but Costco members can get them at a bargain price of $29.99.

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  • Elizabeth Rodriguez April 12, 2014, 1:01 pm

    This is a brilliant idea! I was thinking of sewing a pocket to my side table or sheets to keep my phone close by for this purpose.

  • Andrew Baker April 13, 2014, 12:12 am

    Need to integrate wireless charging. And…. I think that picture might be photo-shopped.

  • Anthony April 14, 2014, 4:42 pm

    you could easily do this to any sheet set w/ maybe a buck of thread and cloth

  • Michael April 17, 2014, 1:57 am

    That would have been great when my kids were sleeping in bunk beds and the top one had nowhere to put anything.

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