Does the Survival Bracelet Accessory make my paracord bracelet look too big?

CRKT  Survival Bracelet Accessory
Who doesn’t appreciate a good paracord bracelet? No one right? But how can you make your paracord bracelet even more functional? The Survival Bracelet Accessory from CRKT may be a good start. Designed by Tom Stokes, the Survival Bracelet Accessory is made from injection molded, glass filled nylon that features a compass, a magnesium fire rod and a LED light running on a LR41 battery. Designed for use with a “Solomon Bar” style paracord bracelet, the Survival Bracelet Accessory has a screw down disc lock on the underside to keep it in place while being worn. Although not available yet, the Survival Bracelet Accessory will cost $16.99 from CRKT when it is. They also have a version out already that only has a compass and flashlight for $12.99.

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  • Andrew Baker March 2, 2014, 1:25 pm

    Cool idea. glass injected Nylon is damn near impossible to destroy.

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