Is that a Rabbit in your pocket or just a titanium key holder?

Magnus Macdonalds Rabbit

In the world of Kickstarter, there are many weird and wonderful projects from which to choose! But, sometimes what sells the product is not just the design but the person who created and is running the campaign. This is true with the Rabbit, a titanium key holder built by Magnus MacDonald. You may know Magnus from his other project that I posted here, the ViperFish, his first successful Kickstarter project. The Rabbit is a simple multi-function key holder made of grade 5 titanium. The Rabbit itself has a built-in pocket clip, a bottle opener, and a twist cap opener. With different size titanium screws and post, you can customize how many keys you can fit on the Rabbit. The Rabbit also comes with rubber O-rings, spring washer, and flat washers to allow you to customize the friction levels of your keys. A custom-made “Figure-Of-Eight” allows your car fob or any other non-key item to go onto the Rabbit. The Rabbit has many funding options, with a $39 (£24) pledge getting you one Rabbit. It may be worth the pledge just to see what Magnus will do next. This project runs until March 4, 2014, and if successfully funded will ship the product in the May 2014 time frame.

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