Show your pop culture status with the Popcord portable microUSB or Lightning charging cable


Cable, cable, where is my charging cable? I have sung that song on many occasions while on the road, not being able to find my phone’s charging cable. Popcord, a Kickstarter project from Powergoat, may be able to silence my blues. The Popcord is a compact charging cable designed to hook on to your keychain so it will always be available. The Popcord will either come with a microUSB or Lightning connector on one end and standard USB connector on the other. The connector and cables are 4″ long when extended and 2.5″ when the cord is looped and the microUSB or Lightning connectors are inserted into the rear slot of the USB connector. Making that loop is what allows the Popcord to be attached to your keychain for an always-available carrying situation. Pledges start at £16 (approximately $26), getting you one Popcord with either a microUSB or Lightning connector in the gunmetal/black color combination. Funding for this projects runs through March 9, 2014, and if successful, shipping will start in the May 2014 time frame.

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