OpticsPlanet opens up the world of Google Glass to those of us without perfect vision

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If you require eyeglasses, you may find that Google Glass’s frame won’t work in conjunction with your current glasses.  Luckily, an employee of OpticsPlanet was invited to try Google Glass (GG for short), and when he found he couldn’t wear them with his current glasses, he asked his company for a solution.  OpticsPlanet came up with Wetley GGRX eyeglasses frames for prescription lenses and sunglasses that attach to the standard GG frame.  The Wetley GGRX frame clips on to a part of the GG frame at the noise.  The GGRX frame is made of stainless steel, making them durable and lightweight; lenses are made of polycarbonate for light weight and impact resistance.  You can buy the frame alone and have your optician add the lenses, or you can order them complete with your single vision or progressive vision lenses already installed.  Prescription lenses come with Crizal anti-reflective coating to cut down on the glare between the lens and the GG lens.  The GGRX frame alone starts at $99; the frame plus single vision lenses start at $150; and the frame plus progressive lenses start at $250.  They are also available as sunglasses for $140.  You can learn much more about the Wetley GGRX clip-on system by watching the videos available at the Wetley website (a brand of OpticsPlanet).

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