Move through space and time with this Tokyoflash Japan watch


Tokyoflash Japan‘s latest watch features a two-tone wood case and band.  The Kisai Space Digits watch features “a futuristic time display framed by a dual-layered laminated hardwood case.”  (The watch above is displaying 08:50.)  This watch has an alarm mode, an “always on” LCD display, and an electroluminescent backlight for nighttime viewing.  The natural wood is protected by a clear coating; the watch is available in red sandalwood with dark sandalwood (green LCD) or maple wood with red sandalwood (gold LCD).  As always, Tokyoflash Japan is offering this limited-edition watch at a discount for the first couple of days of sale.  Until Thursday, January 16th at 11:00am Japan time, the Space Digits watch is available for $99.00.

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