Sleep Therapy Mask helps you fall asleep more quickly

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If you have trouble winding down enough to fall asleep at night, you might be interested in this Sleep Therapy Mask from Sharper Image that does more than just block the light.  It’s made of hypoallergenic foam, and Sharper Image says gazing at the blue lights inside the mask help you to relax and finally go to sleep.  You can control the brightness and the dimming time for the lights for your comfort.  Sharper Image says you’ll “sleep quickly, sleep deeper, and fall asleep easier with this mask.”  It’s $39.99.

5 thoughts on “Sleep Therapy Mask helps you fall asleep more quickly”

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  2. @andix This might work for someone who needs something to fixate on other than the racing thoughts of their work, family, or other responsibilities as they try to relax enough to fall asleep. I don’t think it’s promising that the magic blue rays are acting on your brain in mysterious ways. Magic rays cost most more than $40! 😉

  3. I actually got a multicolored LED strip and hooked it up to an arduino. From 10p to 4a it’s a low intensity dark red. At 4a it slowly changes to white and gradually brightens. My alarm goes off at 4:15a.

    The strip runs around my window (which is usually shuttered). The effect when I wake makes it APPEAR as daylight is coming through my shutters. And it’s more than enough to illuminate the room. Makes getting up in the morning easy and should I need to get up at night it’s not pitch black. I can not only see, but if the it doesn’t effect my night vision.

    Blue not only doesn’t really help me sleep, but it ends up causing some “black-light” effects that can detract from attempts to sleep. Particularly if you have whites or yellows in your room.

    I’ve long suffered from insomnia and tinnitus (car engine explosion + too many years of loud music). This + having some SOUND drown out the ringing I constantly hear allows me to sleep reasonably well.

  4. HAH! You don’t SEE blue light with these. You will see REDDISH light. Through your closed eyelids.

    My 11 year old daughter pointed that out to me…

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