If Neo and Morpheus carried a card holder, it would probably be the Matrix

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Anso Matrix

So, you have finally garnered the elusive American Express Centurion Card, you know the one simply known as “The Black Card”, but now you need a card holder worthy of carrying such a prestigious piece of plastic titanium. The Matrix credit card holder by Anso Knives may be a worthy contender for the job. I know you’re thinking “another card holder”, but this one is a little different. It’s milled from 1/8″ thick solid plate titanium, and the finished Matrix weighs a mere 1.75 ounces. The Matrix consist of a titanium front plate, titanium back plate, two titanium spacers, and four high-grade stainless steel screws to hold it all together. The front, back, and spacers come in five different colors, and you can mix and match the color combinations when ordering. The Matrix holds anywhere from one to six standard credit cards, as well as a business card. So what’s the price, you say? Glad you asked! The price is $250 plus shipping. This may seem a bit expensive, but for the person who has everything including “The Black Card”, it is a drop in the bucket. All tongue in cheek aside, I would not know if this product rates $250, but if the workmanship and quality are as good as the pictures look then… I have seen worse at more outrageous prices. The Matrix can be ordered through the Anso Knives website.

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6 thoughts on “If Neo and Morpheus carried a card holder, it would probably be the Matrix”

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  2. OK, the minute I saw this I thought – “Wow, that looks expensive, but I’d probably go $50 on this, and Christmas is coming!”

    But $250? Seriously? As mentioned in the article, I must not be the target market.

    Sad, cause it’s cool.

  3. @eClipse I would agree with you, but if you browse the website and see what kind of work the designer does you may be able to understand the pricing…

    @CR there is no need for RFID blocking in the matrix, just ask Neo…

  4. Okay please tell me someone that has something similar and cheaper, this is exactly what I have looked for years now! Thanks!

  5. Everybody is complaining about the money, but look at what they make, its all one off items. Metal cnc work is not cheap people!

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