Moleskine notebook + tiny mirror = Split-screen video studio for your iPhone


Are you an iPhoneographer who has wanted to record a video or a snapshot that captures action from both the main and front facing cameras at the exact same time in a cool split-screen layout? AbracadabrApp does just that, but it’s not actually an app that you install on your iPhone. It’s an analog “app” that has been made from a Moleskine reporter’s notebook, that transforms it into a miniature film and photo studio. A hole drilled into the notebook accommodates a revolving mirror and simple stand holds an iPhone 4 or newer. The AbracadabrApp also include three color filters that can be used to create a jewel-toned glow to your photos and videos. This ingenious fixture allows users to see and record two-sided videos and photos in one single shot. Launching just in time for holidays, the Limited Edition AbracadabrApp can be purchased at the Moleskine Shop online for $38.42

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