Here’s an office chair that serves as a desk, too!

Office-Chair-with -ntegrated-Laptop-Desk

You’d like a home office, and your needs are minimal.  You use just a small laptop or maybe even just a tablet, so you don’t need much room, but you don’t have space to spare for a desk.  With the Office Chair with Integrated Laptop Desk from The Sharper Image, you can have a minimal office in the space required by a desk chair.  This ergonomic executive chair is covered in black faux leather, and it is fully adjustable for comfort.  The integrated work surface can be mounted for right- or left-handers, and it “leans, tilts, swivels and moves with the chair”.  It’s $249.99, which is less than the price of some laptop desks I’ve seen that you have to try to conform to work with your arm chair or separately-purchased desk chair.


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