This iPhone dock has a “slap-happy” snooze bar


There are a lot of docks out there that allow you to use your iPhone as an alarm clock, but Snooze from DistilUnion says their working snooze bar separates them from the pack.  The body of the dock is made of maple wood; the snooze bar is made of a rubbery material with an internal stiffener that will press on the phone’s volume button when pressed.  The dock will work with any app that uses the volume button to silence the phone, so you can also use it to silence unwanted phone calls, for example.  The Snooze has a rubbery pad on the bottom to protect your furniture and to prevent the dock from sliding around.  It’s designed to hold your charging cable to prevent it from falling behind your night table.  It works with iPhone 5/5S and iPhone 4/4S, and the dock can accommodate many cases (maximum width with case is 2.5″ and maximum depth of 0.55″).  It’s available with a black or white snooze bar.  The Snooze dock is $34.99.

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