Mugen Power 6400mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with Battery Door review

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There are often times when I need just a little bit more battery life on my mobile phone, especially when I go to an event where no outlets are available.  I recently had the chance to review the Mugen Power 6400mAh Extended Battery with Battery Door for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from Mugen Power.  The battery life on the Note 2 is already pretty good, so imagine a battery that gives me even more life!  Let’s take a look.

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The Mugen Power 6400mAh Extended Battery  came in an easy to open package with a 6400mAh Lithium Ion battery as well as a battery door (back cover). It’s advertised to last twice as long as the default battery (3100mAh), which I found to be accurate.


You can see the size of the default 3100mAh battery that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, versus the thicker size of the 6400mAh Mugen battery.



You can see how thin my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is with the default 3100mAh battery…


…And how thick it looks after installing the Mugen 6400mAh battery with the back cover!  I found the installation of the back door was just as easy as the default back cover of the Note 2. It snapped into place nicely and fit well.



The nice thing about the cover is that it has a little kickstand, for a good viewing angle when watching video on your phone.


There is also plenty of room for the S-Pen on the back of the cover and for the camera with flash.


Another nice thing about the door is that it retains the capability to do NFC. I found this battery extremely useful when I was out all day; I came home with plenty of battery life and didn’t need to plug my phone in right away.  I definitely recommend this battery to anyone that needs to use their phone heavily and for long periods of time.  One downside is that it does add bulk and weight to the phone, which might make it hard to fit into your pocket or small handbag.  Another downside is that it would be very difficult to find a case to keep the phone in.  The website description states it comes with a leather case, but I didn’t receive one.

The Mugen Power 6400mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with Battery Door is available from Mugen Power for $99.00 in either white or grey; shipping is free.  They also have many other batteries available for various mobile phones and portable electronics.

Note:  I had planned to do a few battery use tests for this review, but my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has died in the process and is out for repair.  Once I receive it back, I plan to append my test results to this post.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Mugen Power
  • Mobile Phone
  • Great extended battery life
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Can't find case to fit

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  2. How did it affect the sound from the speaker as it looks like there is quite a gap created from the actual speaker to the speaker grills in the case

  3. Can anyone tell me how long this battery takes note2 without charging …… Please some one share
    What’s the max life of mugen 6400 mah on one charge

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