Daycraft Signature Duo notebook review

Here’s a unique notebook for those of you who can’t make up your mind if you prefer your notebook pages to have lines or dots. Hong Kong based Daycraft’s new line of Signature Duo notebooks give you the best of both worlds with a double sided notebook that has lined pages on one side and dotted pages on the other. They sent me one to check out. Let me show you.

Note: Images can be clicked to view a larger size.


The Signature Duos are A5 sized (5.83 x 8.27in) and are available in 5 color combos. I was sent the grey / blue version. The two toned cover is grey on one side and blue on the other.


The cover is made of Fine Italian PU, which is actually Polyurethane. It feels like a cross between soft leather and rubber. These aren’t hard bound notebooks, they are soft and flexible.


Each notebook has 160 pages. Eighty of those pages are lined with 6.5mm separated lines and 80 have a 5mm grid of dots. The paper on both sides has a light cream color.


You can keep a written journal on one side and then use the other side for drawings and sketches.


The paper has a weight of 100gsm. GSM stands for grams per square meter. The paper is thicker than Moleskine paper and didn’t have any problems with ink showing through when using a regular ballpoint pen.

There’s not much more I can really say about this notebook. It has a clever design with a quality feel and unique style that Daycraft is known for. My only comment is that I wish they offered the Signature Duo in a smaller size.

Each Signature Duo notebook is priced at $21.42, + $7.10 shipping. That’s pricey for a 160 page notebook, but if you find some other items to order that total up to at least $65, your shipping is free.


Product Information

  • Unique double sided design
  • Offers lined and dotted pages
  • None

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