Forget the charging cable and wall wart with the PocketPlug case

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pocketplug-case Just as the title says, you’ll be able to skip carrying around the charging cable and wall wart for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy SIII when you use the PocketPlug case.  Prong has designed a polycarbonate case with the “most advanced charging technology on the market to ensure a super fast charge in the most portable possible form factor.”  There’s no backup battery inside; instead, the PocketPlug case allows you to top off your charge any time you’re near an outlet.  Power prongs fold away neatly when not needed and pop up when you want to charge your phone.  The case also has a microUSB jack so you can charge your case in the car.  It’s available now in black for the iPhone 5 ($69.95) or iPhone 4/4S ($59.95); white cases will begin shipping this month.  The PowerPlug case for Samsung Galaxy SIII isn’t available yet, but you can sign up to receive notice and a 15% discount coupon when it is available. If this had a backup battery inside, it might be almost perfect.

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