Happy Cow is the world’s first hip bag store

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I recently featured a minimalist shoulder bag in a news post that ended up sparking a fun conversation about “fanny packs”. That post prompted me to go searching for similar bags and as a result, I stumbled upon the Austrailian based Happy Cow store. They carry a lot of what they call hip bags. If you google what we call the packs here in the US, you’ll figure out why they call them something else. 😉 This store has a large selection of leather bum, hip, and belt bags that will allow you to channel your inner Batman or Batwoman. They also carry satchels and backpacks for those of you that aren’t brave enough to sport a hip bag. Prices are in the $60-$70 range, with shipping to the US from $9 – $13. Who is placing an order first? Should we have the first ever Gadgeteer fashion show? “I’m a model you know what I mean, And I do my little turn on the catwalk”

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  2. Ah yes, been keeping an eye on those for a few years now.

    Not sure why i forgot about them in my collection of links in the comments to the other article.

  3. @poqeteer No bright yellow option tho.

    @julie There was a time were i scoured the net for non-traditional carrying options. This because i like having things readily at hand, something i feel a backpack can’t deliver.

  4. @Drew Baker – glad I am not the only one who see the irony.
    Remember in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy when the animal tried to convince Arthur to pick it for the entrée?

    I have the same reaction when I saw the California raisin commercial a while back: dancing raisin that convinced to be eaten.

    Just to be clear, I love nice leather products. I do feel a bit bad that an animal has to die for it, and a bit grossed out when an animal “happily” dies for it.

  5. Comment: I recently bought a Happy Cow hip bag and thought you would be interested in the exchange I had with them about the poor quality of the stitching on the bag. The stitching broke and caused about 1 1/2 inches of the strap to come apart. The problem is that since this is an Australian company, it’s not easy for them to rectify the problem. but what I thought was really bad was their cavalier attitude. See the thread below and you will see what I mean. Evidently it’s OK that the threads are broken and the strap is coming apart because it shows the bag was produced by hand.

    You don’t have to respond to this. I only want to make you aware that if you get a bag product from this company, good luck getting it fixed.

    ME – Dear Happy Cow – the purse arrived yesterday. However, I am sorry to tell you that the stitching on the belt was broken – right out of the box. About 1 1/2 inches of the threads are broken and the straps are separating. At another spot there is a loop in the stitching that sticks up about 1/4 inch and is guaranteed to snag on something at some point.

    THEM -Thank you for the pictures, I was picturing a more extreme tear, unfortunately these minor imperfections are proof that your bag is handmade as opposed to mass produced. It won’t affect general use of the bag and can be tied off to stop it coming undone further.

    I have refunded $10 to your paypal account.

    Sorry about the inconvenience, I hope you do like the bag!

    ME – That is no minor imperfection. There is no place in the USA that would not either take the bag back or have it fixed. That “minor imperfection” as you call it would result in the entire link of thread unraveling, causing the strap to come apart.

  6. As an update to my November 20, 2013 post, the zipper broke off the bag in December and more of the stitching came apart. We had some of it repaired but more of the sticking came apart. It is so bad my wife will no longer use the bag.

  7. Wow I had same issue with a hobo bag and the owner was so rude and would stop emailing. Lucky the shop that on sold gave me my money back.

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