Teach squirrels to leave your bird feeder alone with the Squirrel Boss zapper

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We have 2 large bird feeders in my yard that we’ve neglected to fill this year because last summer critters other than the birds, were eating the expensive seed as fast as we could keep the feeders filled. We have a large population of squirrels (and raccoons) in my area who think the feeders have been put up especially for them. They expertly climb up the pole and snack on the seed till their little bellies are full. When I saw the Squirrel Boss on the ABC show Shark Tank, I thought it could be a solution for a bird lover like myself. The Squirrel Boss is a hanging bird feeder that provides a low powered electric shock using a battery powered remote control from up to 200ft away. Don’t worry PETA people, the shock isn’t strong enough to fry the pesky little tree rats. It just scares the seeds out of them. Or at least it’s supposed to. Reading the reviews on Amazon, it seems that there are just as many people who think it works great as those who say it doesn’t work at all. There are 2 big gotchas with this product that you’ll want to consider before purchasing. 1. The only time the Squirrel Boss will send a shock is when you push the button on the remote. That means while you’re not watching the feeder, animals other than birds could be feeding from it. 2. You have to charge the feeder cap once a week, which I’d be way too lazy to do after the first time. Still interested? You can purchase one through the main site for $74.99, or save a few bucks and go through Amazon.

10 thoughts on “Teach squirrels to leave your bird feeder alone with the Squirrel Boss zapper”

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  2. It’s absurd that people who claim to love one species of animal (birds), spend time and money to cruelly lure and shock another (squirrels). Putting out food of any kind inevitably lures animals of all kinds, and sadly, cruelty often results. Squirrels experience pain and suffering the same as any bird or kitten would and they are just trying to survive and feed their young. They don’t deserve to be targeted for doing what comes naturally. People who don’t want squirrels or raccoons in their yards should remove the feeders entirely, and instead provide a backyard habitat for birds by planting native bushes, trees, and flowers.

    1. @LucyP this product doesn’t hurt the squirrel any more than a static shock from a door knob hurts you. It’s been designed to startle them and make them afraid of trying to feed from that location in the future.

      1. Hi Julie, I don’t think her concern is more about the pain than it is about the act of giving free food to a certain species while driving away the other.

        Now, I don’t completely agree with her, because maybe someone just hates squirrels and raccoons, but loves birds, and it’s their yard, so they have the freedom of choosing what to let enter and what to drive away; however, I can understand her concern.

  3. I love the zapper but I need one I can attach to the pole holding my feeders that also has a remote control. I can’t find anything on the internet that will work.

  4. Can use a product similar that will deter starlings. They often invade my platform feeder ravaging the seed and leaving nothing for the smaller songbirds. Maybe a simple wire that can be attached to a any feeder

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