UpWrite desks are height adjustable and can even take your messages

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Back in the olden days when CRTs had glass screens, I used to use a dry-erase marker to leave myself a note right on the screen for important things I needed to do first thing after getting to work.  I don’t dare write on my screens with anything now, so I just have to put a sticky note on the bezel and hope it doesn’t fall off during the night.  If I had an UpWrite desk, I could write the note right on the 60″ X 30″ desk top.  In addition to having a white work surface that works with both wet- and dry-erase markers, the UpWrite has an electric lift for easy height adjustment.  You can adjust the desk for your most comfortable height while sitting, or turn it into a standing desk that even accommodates a treadmill with a push of a button.  Desk heights adjust from 25.5″ to 50.5″, and the lift is powerful enough (300 pound limit) to adjust without you having to clear the desktop first.  The UpWrite is $1149.00 at UpDesk.

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