Musemini DBoom portable speaker connects to your smartphone via NFC


We’ve been seeing a huge influx of portable wireless Bluetooth speakers on the market in the last year or two, but now there’s something new on the horizon that will make streaming music from your mobile devices even easier. The Musemini DBoom portable speaker connects to your smartphone via NFC (and Bluetooth if you don’t have an NFC capable device). If you’re not familiar with NFC, it stands for Near Field Communication. It’s a special chip that is being included in a lot of newer phones/devices that allows them to transfer small amounts of info just by putting the device within an inch or so of a tag or other NFC enabled device. The original idea for this technology was for quick payments at stores, but it’s being used for all sorts of things now, including connecting to wireless speakers like the DBoom. The Musemini website doesn’t have a lot of info about how it works, but I’m guessing you have to place your phone on top of the speaker for it to connect. The speaker also allows for customization using different face plates. the DBoom will be available at the end of the month for $129.99

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