A garden composter that doesn’t require you do any work


Composting is good for the environment, but it can be rather labor intensive for you.  You have to build (or buy) the composter, load it up with your refuse, and then you have to remember to go out and turn the materials over periodically – and wait for months and months for it to be ready to use.  With the Rapid Composter from Hammacher Schlemmer, you can forget the backbreaking labor and speed up composting time, too.  You don’t have to turn the materials in the Rapid Composter, and you’ll have compost ready for use in about 13 weeks.  Hammacher Schlemmer says the “cone shapes on the ventilating core create air pockets, so air can flow in all directions, and the 1.5″-thick insulated walls trap heat, even in the shade or during winter, creating the ideal conditions. Nutrient-rich compost is neatly removed through two access doors in the bottom chamber, and the base of the composter collects a liquid byproduct called leachate that can be used as a natural fertilizer for plants.”  It’s animal resistant and assembles without tools.  It measures 46″ tall x 20″ wide x 20″ deep, and it’s nicely styled so you don’t need to hide it in an obscure corner of your yard.

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