Google releases a new app – Keep

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Google -Keep

The latest buzz from Google is a new app called Keep.  It is a note-taking application that mimics features from popular products such as Evernote and Springpad and lets you “keep” text notes, images, check lists, and voice notes.  It’s available on the Google Play store for Android devices at the above link.  I’ve installed it on my Nexus 7 tablet and like the simplicity of it so far.  I tested the voice note functionality, which transcribes your message and records as a sound file, and find it pretty handy! It also has a few interface options on both webpage and Android version, such as list mode and tiles.

I’m interested to see what future updates will occur.  Perhaps features such as sharing with Google+, as well as an iOS app are coming soon?  It’s currently available for free for use in your internet browser as an online tool at the Google Keep website.  Give a try and let us know what you think!

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2 thoughts on “Google releases a new app – Keep”

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  2. Google’s so happy to drop apps and services, I’m not inclined to try new ones that could go away very soon, or later when the user base isn’t growing. I’m inclined to support Evernote here, where note management isn’t a tiny sideline. After Google dropped Reader I’ve really developed a Google app allergy.

  3. Ditto! Why would I even bother to evaluate any new Google apps when they so casually abandon apps with absolutely no regard for how that will affect their loyal users?

    Reader was a core bread-and-butter app for me that I use from multiple PCs/devices multiple times per day. I won’t make the mistake of allowing another Google offering to become an invaluable part of my daily routine. And I’ll be withering my dependance upon GMail rapidly!

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