The OtterBox Armor Series Case is like a tank for your iPhone 5

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Need hard-core protection for your new iPhone 5? Does it need to be waterproof, dustproof, and crushproof? The iPhone 5 Armor Series Case from OtterBox may be what you are looking for. Built like a tank, the Armor is waterproof for up to 30 minutes in 6.6 feet of water, and has a cover that locks out dust and protects your iPhone from drops from up to 10 feet high. The case is made out of high-strength, reinforced plastic, features a built-in screen protector, and has metal latches to keep the cover securely closed around your phone. The size and weight may be a turnoff, as it is 5.51″ x 2.97″ x 0.7″ and weighs 3.91 ounces, but if you want peace of mind from your iPhone 5 case, the iPhone 5 Armor Series Case will provide it. The case is available on the OtterBox website for $99.95 and comes in Neon green, Arctic blue, and Electric orange.

9 thoughts on “The OtterBox Armor Series Case is like a tank for your iPhone 5”

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  2. The Otterbox ‘Armor’ series (I have an iPhone 4S) is a superb piece of kit! My main pastime is mountain trekking and under adverse conditions this innovative case is going to afford supreme protection. The case looks good also, albeit built like the proverbial tank; I have no objection to this at all, having said that.
    It is mildly irritating that I have had to pay shipping costs to obtain one from the States as they are not yet available in the U.K. but I can ,I’ve with that. From checking out YouTube, the new ‘Armor’ series is highly impressive; it is with a visit if I treated.

  3. my concern with otterbox is quality of silicone skin. I had to get replacement in matter of 2 month for Defender for 4s. Replacement is about to die after an 10 month. They sell that for $25 and that is rip off.

  4. @Joe I have not looked at the Armor case yet, I am waiting to see what the Incipio Atlas looks like first. I did purchase a Defender series case for my iPhone 5 and I love it so far.

  5. Elliott Buulock

    I just received my Otterbox Armor for my iphone 5 today. It is truly phenonmenal! Yes, it is quite large but you understand why it is has been built this way when you see what it is capable of. In less than 3 hours of receiving it, it had been run over with a corolla and then 200 series land cruiser, submerged in water for over an hour, thrown at a wall and dropped on all sides on concrete from multiple heights exceeding otterbox’s specifications. It still looks brand new! Sound quality through the main speaker is not hindered but ear speaker is slightly quieter than normal but not enough to effect your calls. People on the other end of the call can hear me fine too. All port covers are nice and tight and feel like they seal well. There is a slight gap between the two hard shells of the case but I assure you the seals are pressed together firmly with the tough metal clamp latches. The silicone feels way tougher and more durable than the defenders, this case is a whole new breed and leaves me looking at it in awe! I love this case in every way and it seems far tougher than the competition although the taktik may be close behind.

  6. I guess for me. I like to think I am far more adventurous than I actually am so the need for that much of a case is just not there. I love the look and features of the case but the size is the deal killer for me.

  7. @Elliott Bullock I have not seen one in person, I am basing my statement on the pictures and descriptions of the Armor as well as my current use of the Defender case… I have no doubt that the Armor case is great but as I stated, it may be too much case for my needs

  8. I saw a review on youtube that mentioned the Otterbox being installed on a brand new iphone that hadnt seen the light of day, then some while later they took the phone out and the screen was all scratched up.. You can avoid this by installing a screen protector right off the bat, then if the built in screen of the Otterbox rubs your screen the wrong way you will still be fully protected, I actually just read an article on how to keep your Iphone looking brand new, feel free to check it out ….

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