Y-Charge turns your car’s power outlet into a dual charging station


If you travel with multiple USB-chargeable devices in a car with only one power outlet, you may find yourself having to make a difficult decision – which device do I charge?  With the Y-Charge from TYLT, your decision will be easier because you can charge two devices at once.  The Y-Charge plugs directly into the car’s power outlet and splits to provide two USB ports.  The Y-Charge 2.1 provides 2.1A total power, so it can charge two smartphones simultaneously or a single tablet.  The Y-Charge 4.2 provides 2.1A per port, so you can charge any two devices simultaneously.  The Y-Charge 2.1 is $24.99; the Y-Charge 4.2 is $34.99.  They can be purchased at TYLT.  The bottom image shows the charger with the Syncable charge-and-sync cable that will be available soon.

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  • Jim Hawley March 1, 2013, 10:58 am

    Neat, clever, and attractive …….. but way too expensive for what it does.

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