A Smarter Stand for your iPhone or iPod touch


Julie reviewed the Smarter Stand for iPad from Smarterflo last year (see related links).  That iPad stand was a successful Kickstarter project, and now Smarterflo has returned to Kickstarter to fund their latest project – the Smarter Stand for iPhone and iPod touch.  This little stand has a dual purpose.  It acts as  a wire wrap for your original Apple earbuds or the Apple EarPods (not with other earbuds, though) to keep them safe and tidy when not in use.  It also acts as a kickstand for any model iPhone or iPod touch when you plug the headphone plug into the device’s headphone jack (with or without a case on the device).  It can serve as a stand even when the earbuds are still wound up.  If you act fast, you can get a Smarter Stand for only $9 (plus $3 shipping within the US or $7 outside the US); the pledge increases to $12 plus shipping when the remaining early-bird pledges are claimed.  Other pledge options get you a Smarter Stand for iPad  with the iPhone stand.  Funding continues through Friday, Apr 12, at 11:29am EDT, and they’ve already reached over 91% funding as of today’s writing.

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  • Marc February 15, 2013, 4:11 am

    where do i get this case for iphone5 see in the picture ob the lower left?

  • Janet Cloninger February 15, 2013, 8:04 am

    @Marc It wasn’t identified because the stand is the product they’re trying to sell. Maybe they can tell you if you ask the question on the stand’s Kickstarter page.

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