I wonder how I lived without Wonder Wires?

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When are charging cables not just charging cables? When those cables are Wonder Wires a Kickstarter project by Wonder Wires. Wonder Wires are compact multifunctional devices that use microUSB (also known as 5 pin) connectors to connect with a variety of phones and even some tablet devices that have microUSB connectors. Wonder Wires fill three everyday common needs that often arise when you are out and about. First, Wonder Wires act as microUSB chargers that will allow you to charge a host of different devices. Wonder Wires can be used with a computer’s USB port, a USB wall charger, or a USB car charger to charge your devices. Second, Wonder Wires act as data transfer cables, so you can transfer data both ways between your phone or device to your computer. Third, Wonder Wires’ USB connector can be used as a microSD card reader.

The Wonder Wires project is actively seeking funding on Kickstarter until March 25, 2013, and if funded, will be delivered in the April 2013 time frame. The current pledge levels available for Wonder Wires are $14.00 for one white Wonder Wire up to $1,200+ to pick the next color of the Wonder Wire and one of the finished product in the color you picked.

Update: Appears to be a scam. See user comments below.

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13 thoughts on “I wonder how I lived without Wonder Wires?”

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    1. @Zul hmmmmm…. you’re right, looks like exactly the same thing. I smell something fishy going on. The project is selling them for 2x that amount.

  2. It is a bit disappointing that reviewer that posted this on The Gadgeteer wasn’t diligent enough to research this before posting. And why is the review still up once you know its a pretty shaky kickstarter project?

  3. oh …. that certainly makes a difference. Promotion of “news” of a (possibly) fraudulent kickstarter project is certainly different from a “review” Thanks for letting me know.

    1. @John I’d like to thank Zul for letting everyone know NOT to support this Kickstarter project when they can buy the same thing cheaper on Amazon. So you’re welcome for letting you know.

  4. so basically anybody can make a kickstarter project from stuff that sells for 1$ on chinese websites? 😀

    yayyy, let’s! :p

  5. Smug response, Julie. But one would have to read the comments to find out that this is a scam – why not edit the headline or even pull the article altogether? that would be more self-praiseworthy.

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