Help Wanted – Become a member of the Gadgeteer team!

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helpwantedFor anyone out there who has always wanted to be part of The Gadgeteer, now is your chance. I’m wanting to add 1-2 people to our rag tag team of gadget freaks. I would really like these 2 new people to be female to help offset the huge amount of testosterone that we currently have on the team… But don’t let that stop you from applying if you don’t fit that criteria. 🙂 Think you have what it takes to become a regular Gadgeteer contributor? Full details after the jump.

What’s expected:

You will be responsible for submitting a minimum of 2 unique and original news stories (not just a rehash of other gadget news site’s posts) every week. These stories consist of 1 image and 1-2 short paragraphs talking about new, useful, wacky and unique products that other people will want to read about. They don’t always have to be consumer electronics, they could be almost anything interesting.

New team members will start out posting news. If everything works out, after a certain period of time you’ll be invited to do product reviews in addition to regular news posts.


This is not a paying job and you will not receive any monetary compensation for any of your contributions. Your “pay” will be a boost in geek cred and review samples if you end up becoming a full member of the team.


1. You must be a gadget freak. But you don’t have to be overly techy, geeky or a hardcore hacker. I just want people who are always excited about new products and are constantly scouring the web and elsewhere for interesting products and tidbits.

2. Must be able to write decent English and have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of grammar. We don’t have time to re-write your posts, so this is a must.

3. Must have above average photography skills and have the ability to take sharp well lighted close ups of the products being reviewed.

4. If you’ve tried out for a position before and didn’t get picked, don’t let that stop you from trying again 🙂

How to apply:

Send me an email telling me about yourself, what types of products that most interest you and why you think you would be a great addition to my team. I’ll use this info to decide who I will ask to provide a sample news post and a sample review which will show me your writing and photography skills. I will then choose the best candidates to go through a trial period posting news. After that trial period ends, I’ll decide who will become permanent team members.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

16 thoughts on “Help Wanted – Become a member of the Gadgeteer team!”

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  2. Uhhhh this conversation is going the wrong way!
    So Julie, does getting a new cell phone 3 times a year and a desk full of remote control doo dads count as a tech geek?
    OOOHHH Plus I just got my new XPS 12 Duo…. LOVE IT!

  3. My first reaction was “oh – yes!” Then I realized I’m already posting 2x a week to my own blog, editing and posting my serialized NaNoWriMo novel to another blog, learning a bunch of songs to sub for a Celtic band in March, composing and recording one (or maybe two) music albums in February for the RPM Challenge, and trying to get 7 hours of sleep a night – on top of a full time IT job. So reluctantly this is probably not the best time for me to volunteer 🙁

  4. Hot Dang Betty…. that’s some schedule!
    I have a much easier life 🙂
    Full time dev job + DB, consulting after work, TRYING (although failing currently) to help my nephew migrate his site to a new provider… oh here’s the easiest part… all while going home to a toddler and a 2 year old that needs to be changed 50 times a day 🙂
    Life’s great! Let’s get this ON! lol

  5. was so tempted to apply…….but been on the other side of the Atlantic i think it would just be too much hassle with time zones and currency conversions, now if there was a readers section where subscribers could maybe submit there own small reviews with pics maybe once a month or so then that would be fun……….but i know that would be way too much work “_” for you guys and would take away from the blog…….if you guys ever decided to set up a European branch of the blog and need people count me in.

  6. I like that idea Ken, users could submit little op-ed’s of products they’ve tested and wanted to recommend.
    Whoe cares if they’ve never heard of spell check or grammar. Tha only thing that maters is that we liek what they hav to sey; if I were the moderator I would THROW CAUTION TO THE WIND… let EVERYONE just say whatever they wanted. Well then perhaps the moderators would first “proof read” the articles so that no obscenities are uploaded or anything?
    That shouldn’t be too hard to control should it? What? At the most 100 articles a day to proof?
    Ummmmm on second thought, that might not be the best idea 🙂
    but I really wish we kood 😉

  7. @Yaniv C well im sure if it was in a forum format and was open people would strive to prof-read and make sure it was acceptable and im sure they would be called on any grammar errors……it would make for grate knowledge base of reviews and consumer tests of every day things…….but again i think it would be a lot of work and i don’t think it would be feasible.

    1. @ken and Yaniv It would be easily possible if we set up a forum again, but the reason why we took down the forums a few years ago was due to spam. It took way too much time and effort to keep them clean. I’ll give it some thought though…

  8. @Julie ……..really i was just thinking out loud…… but that would be amazing, i would love to add my voice to a gadget forum…….im sure if a forum was opened back up the community would be vigilant and keep the spam off……and it would encourage no US based gadgeteers to contribute reviews and their experiences……and give you guys a native talent pool to look through for contributors.

  9. Julie,

    I’m interested in watches, phones, cars, robots, tablets, motorcycles, embedded computers, brewing equipment (coffee and beer), cameras, telescopes, etc., basically anything shiny and tasty!

    Email sent!

  10. Thank you to everyone who has sent me emails so far. I’m going to leave the help wanted notice up through tomorrow and will start going through all the emails this weekend. I’ve had quite a few people apply, so it’s going to take awhile to figure out who I will ask to “audition”. 🙂

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