Handsfree Bluetooth headset for women

auranova-bluetooth-necklaceThis Kickstarter project promises a fashionable, handsfree Bluetooth headset for women.  Instead of the uncomfortable earpieces that you have to keep wedged into your ear, the Auranova keeps everything in a pendant around your neck.  A vibration module lays on the back of your neck to alert you to calls, and the earpiece stows in the pendant until you need it.  All the electronics are in the black polycarbonate module, and the decorative metal faceplate is made of silver-plated stainless.  For an early-bird pledge of $119 (or $149 after those are claimed), you’ll get the Auranova with one faceplate.  For a pledge of $149 (or $179 after the early-bird pledges are claimed), you’ll get the Auranova with the standard faceplate and a second one decorated with Swarovski crystals.  Funding ends January 28, but they still have a long way to go to meet their $100,000.00 funding goal.

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