iBuku Pets put that old iPhone to good use


If you have small children and an old iPhone gathering dust in a drawer, you can put it to good use by pledging to the iBuku Pets Kickstarter project. An iBuku is:

What can best be described as a modern day,“Teddy Ruxpin”, iBuku Pets are a great way to put your old outdated iPhone’s and iPod Touches to good use. Basically it’s a rugged teddy bear/doll case for iPhone and iPod touch with some accompanying educational/fun Apps for kids. Instead of just tossing your child your iPhone and they go mindlessly pressing at the touchscreen, the iBuku Apps are educational. In addition to learning games and adventure roll playing, you can even sing along with the iBuku bear.

A pledge of $35 will reserve your choice of a Pink or Green iBuku. Larger pledges earn additional rewards. With just a day left, the project has a long way to go before it’s fully funded, so if you’re interested, you better hurry.

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