Wrap your head in these new headphones from NuForce

After offering very good – and very affordable – earphones, NuForce has entered the hugely competitive headphone market with the just released the HP-800, their first over-ear design. Nuforce has targeted the user looking for a monitor-class headphone that pushes accuracy over a certain sound preference. Breathable memory-foam ear cups are covered in soft leatherette, which should make them comfortable for longer listening. The HP-800 aluminum ear cups are a closed-back design which can make them useful in an office setting or commuting. Two removable cables are included.

NuForce claims that the HP-800s have natural warmth, realistic highs and visceral bass. CEO Jason Lim states, “We’ve implemented the latest technology and our understanding of what demanding listeners require in bringing about a fantastic product that will further enhance our company’s reputation for value and performance.”

The NuForce HP-800’s are available now for $149 from NuForce directly, online stores and various NuForce dealers.

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