Microsoft Surface Tablet with RT – 16GB and 45GB models available?

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Microsoft has just announced how much usable space you’ll get with your Surface Tablet with RT, and no you won’t be getting the full capacity. After allowing for binary conversion, recovery provision and the software itself, the 32GB model will have 16GB and the 64GB model will have 45GB available to store your music, photos and files.  You can of course extend your memory using cloud storage, USB sticks or with micro-SD cards  and there’s already tutorials out there to make your internal and micro-SD storage appear as a single volume.

Definitely worth keeping in mind  if you’re considering ordering a Surface with RT.

The Microsoft FAQ can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface Tablet with RT – 16GB and 45GB models available?”

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  2. The Microsoft FAQ says 16GB for the 32GB version and 45GB for the 64GB version. But then a 32GB micro-SD card is not really that expensive to add storage. Of course you cannot do that with the iPad or indeed the Nexus’. But agreed it does seem a bit low (16GB lost, but then again 19GB lost on the 64GB version).

  3. @Bryan – you expect to lose some capacity due to conversion and OS but 1/2?!? It’ll be interesting to see if there’s any backlash from “less technical” purchasers who don’t read tech feeds when they get their tablets. Just noted too that those figures are rounded down to the nearest GB!

    @Richard – thanks for pointing that out, sorry brain fart, was written up just before I hit the sack – amended.

    @ Dan or a budget 8GB model 😛

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