Simplify notetaking and highlighting books with the Scanmarker

Just scan the Scanmarker from Barnes and Noble across a line in your book, just as if you were using a highlighter pen, and the text will be automatically transferred into a Word or Excel document or into another application.  The scanner has several modes to transfer data to your computer:  “Data Entry (Scan & Paste), Multiple Language Translation, Text-To-Speech, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Image Reader, and Business card reader.”  It can even scan an image into your notes document.  It “also functions as a personal reading guide, enhancing text comprehension, pronunciation, and reading autonomy for students and adults with reading difficulties.”  It recognizes characters sized from 8 to 24 pt, and it has a scan field of 0.4″ and optical resolution of 350 dpi.  It requires a USB connection and will work for left- or right-handed readers.  The Scanmarker is $79.99 at B&N.

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