Aperion Audio ARIS Windows® 8 Certified Compatible Speaker System

Aperion Audio announces ARIS, the first speaker certified compatible with Windows 8 (also works with 7).  Using the Windows “Play To” function, you’ll be able to send music wireless from your PC, tablet, or smartphone to the ARIS speaker.  The ARIS connects to your home network using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), or with a simple on-board setup sequence when WPS is not available.  To protect your investment, ARIS has the “patent-pending capability to swap out the wireless card should hardware technology change or if the user chooses a different network infrastructure in the future.”  The 100W speaker has 6ix internal speakers including four powered drivers and two passive radiators.  The Aperion ARIS Speaker with ARIS Wireless Card for Windows is $499 and is available at Aperion Audio, Amazon, and the Audioholics Home Theater Store.

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