Eye-Fi Announces a 16GB Class 10 Memory Card

We’ve done a lot of reviews of various models of Eye-Fi cards here at the Gadgeteer.  Check the related posts (after the jump) to see a list of some Eye-Fi reviews.  These SD cards have built-in WiFi to give your camera the ability to transfer photos to your computer, tablet, or smartphone wirelessly, so you don’t have to bother removing the card from the camera and transferring photos by hand.  Some of the cards add other abilities, too, like WiFi-based geotagging and the ability to transfer RAW images.  Until now, they’ve only been available in (Class 6) 4GB and 8GB capacities, but Eye-Fi is now announcing a 16GB Class 10 Pro X2 memory card for ultra-fast read and write speeds.  The new card will also have both WiFi-based geotagging and the ability to upload RAW images.  US customers can now pre-order the 16GB Class 10 card at Amazon for $99.99.  Eye-Fi says customers can expect to see the new cards in Australia for $108.00 AUD and Japan for ¥9980 in the coming weeks.

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