The Beauty Inside Episode 1: Hello My Name is Alex (Sponsored Video)

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At the end of July, I told you about an interesting 6 part movie concept where regular folks like you and I were able to audition for small parts. The concept of the film is that 20-something year old Alex wakes up every morning in a brand new body that can be old, young, tall, short, fat, thin, ugly, beautiful, male or female. Topher Grace from That 70’s Show is Alex. He is the voice behind the main character as he narrates the episodes. Each episode is less than 10 minutes long and so far 5 of them have aired with just one left to air this week. The story is simple but draws you in as Alex discovers his love interest at an antique shop. How do you start a relationship with someone when you’re a totally different person each day? I am anxious to see the last episode to find out how things wrap up. I’m the type of person who wants a happy ending for every story, so I hope this one ends up that way. The interesting thing about this movie is that there’s a social media side to it on Facebook where “Alex” asks questions and people answer and leave comments.

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