EnChroma Sunglasses Give People with Color Blindness Better Color Vision

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Hundreds of million people worldwide suffer from protanomalous and deuteranomalous CVD (otherwise known as red/green color blindness). This problem is more common in men, with an estimated 1 in 12 having some sort of color related vision deficiency. My Dad is color blind and so is my boss. Women can also have this problem, but it’s not as common. EnChroma sunglasses feature special lenses that have an advanced optical coating technology that enables them to perform highly specific filtering of light reaching the eye. These lenses  selectively block the wavelengths of light that contribute most to color confusion and as a result help improve their color vision. The EnChroma Cx series glasses will be available in October. Pricing is not yet available.

11 thoughts on “EnChroma Sunglasses Give People with Color Blindness Better Color Vision”

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  2. I’m color blind but can still see traffic lights fine. Only problem is with those hidden color blind pictures which only exists inside my high school’s nurse’s office…lol.

  3. I’m red/green color blind. Whenever I take a color blind test I always fail. But I have worked all my life as a professional photographer and have never had a problem. The fact is most people that are color blind do not know it until they take a test for it. I wonder what I would see different with these glasses?

  4. @Julie @Norm – I really didn’t know I was color blind until I took that test back in high school. I “think” I see colors fine. I have no problem picking out a green apple vs a red apple vs an aluminum Apple…lol.
    Definitely not like the photo up top where they show the color difference. And since it’s genetics and I was born with it…I won’t even know the difference between color blind or not being color blind.
    *gasp* That means I’m not experiencing my new retina Macbook Pro like I should?!?!? =P

  5. I’m yellow/blue color blind in my left eye (color weak, actually). The “name” always confused me because I don’t confuse yellow/blue — I just don’t really see greens (they look like a bluish color to me) and some oranges look kind of purplish in that eye.

    It’s also interesting to note that my eyes are two different colors (right=blue, left=green).

  6. Send me a sample to test and I’ll let you know.
    BTW, when you take the color blind test they include one that everyone can see to make sure you are not cheating-that is the only one I ever see.

  7. If you like Enchroma lenses that’s great, but be aware they are essentially just very dark sunglasses. They block large bands of the spectrum to achieve the effect. Note vision scientist Changizi has his own lab and already patented “o2amp” colorblindness correction lenses. They work both indoors and outdoors, and they don’t cut out chunks of the spectrum. If you have any L (red) cones at all, they will make a difference. They are popular with doctors and EMT’s but now others have started to discover them.

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