Star Wars Popsicles – Finally Really Saber-Lickin’ Good!

Back in 2011, I was embarrassed to get caught by one of ThinkGeek’s April’s Fool’s jokes.  (I’m just too gullible for my own good.)  Anyway, as they’ve done with other April’s Fools items, ThinkGeek made the joke into reality.  I’m almost afraid to write this, but they are promising to have the Star Wars Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker available around November 18, 2012.  You’ll get a lightsaber mold and 4 hilts (2 Luke and 2 Vader) with an LED inside to light up the popsicle.  To quote ThinkGeek: “Not yet in stock! Coming this Fall!  What was once an April Fool’s Day joke, is now real!! If you already signed up to be emailed for these we still have you on our list! If you aren’t sure if you did, or you haven’t yet, just click the big green EMAIL ME button below. We’ll drop you an e-mail the moment we get these in stock.”  You’ll find the green button on the item item page link above.  The Star Wars Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker is $34.99.

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