The Mighty Flea Yo-Yo is Bite Sized Yo-Yo Goodness

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If you don’t love yo-yos, then you have no business here. Seriously, what’s more fun that a yo-yo? If you said nothing, you’re close… Actually the Mighty Flea Yo-Yo from the YoYoFactory might be the most fun you can have with a string and a spool shaped steel thingy. It’s the same diameter as a US quarter and even has a ball bearing to provide smooth action. You’ll have to shell out $69.99 if you want to add one to your Yo-Yo collection. You can find them at YoYoPlay. Be sure to check out the videos at both links. Fun stuff…

4 thoughts on “The Mighty Flea Yo-Yo is Bite Sized Yo-Yo Goodness”

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  2. I bought one of these when it was around $40. Plays just as good as a normal sized plastic yo-yo. It uses thinner string than the average yo-yo so it can get enough length. If a normal string is used on it, the string will have to be cut quite short to fit inside it when wound up.

    It uses the smallest axle I have ever seen in a yo-yo, it was so small, they had a replacement axle sent with the model I bought. I don’t know if they made this one stronger or not, but I’d be careful with it anyways.

    The Flea can handle any trick a normal sized yo-yo can.

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