Casio Paper Writer Tablets Are for People Not Quite Ready to Leave Paper Behind

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“Smart and Tough” is how Casio describes their new Casio Writer Table, which is available in 4 different configurations. Combining a more traditional tablet with pen input, and an even more traditional paper pad, the tablet is aimed at those who haven’t quite fully made the transition to the digital age. Using a front-facing camera, the tablet can convert handwritten notes into digitised format and supplied software helps you to file, organise, and search your digitised notes.

Aimed at the business user, the 10.1″ Android tablets are fairly standard specification-wise, however the units are shock resistant and IP54-compliant for ruggednes, and the units include NFC and a user-replaceable battery.

Scheduled for release in Japan in September, but no pricing has been released yet.

See the (Japanese) Press Release for additional information.

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