Edifier Announces E30 Spinnaker Bluetooth Speakers

The E30 Spinnaker 2.0/2.1 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker System from Edifier has two 16.5″ tall speakers that look like sails, and it is designed to project sound towards the listener with front-facing tweeters and mid-range speakers.  The speakers also have downward-firing woofers.  It’s a Bluetooth system, so it connects wirelessly with your audio devices.  The Spinnaker system incorporates tri-amping, normally used in large venues, which uses three amps to drive the tweeters, mid-range, and bass-end speakers independently for better, more efficient sound.  They offer many other high-end features not often found in $349.99 speaker systems. They are available in black or burgundy. Read more about them at the Edifier website.

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