Motive Stylus – Unique for the Sake of Uniqueness?

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Gadgeteer reader Tony N sent me an email asking me to take a look at a Kickstarter project that he thought I’d find interesting. It’s for a very unique stylus that actually rolls up when you want to use it and then unrolls into a flat sheet that sticks to the outside of the iPad’s smart cover when you’re not using it. It’s called the  Motive Stylus and when I first saw it, I thought holy cow, this is really cool. Made of multiple anodized aluminum segments that when rolled up form a 6 sided stylus, it should feel as familiar to hold as a regular wooden pencil. The stylus ships with 2 screw-on stylus tips. One is a softer tip and the other a harder tip. Strong neodymium magnets inside the Motive Stylus hold it securely to the outside of the smart cover. Their Kickstarter pitch pushes the fact that the Motive Stylus won’t get in the way of using your smart cover when you’re not using the stylus, because it will be stuck flat to the cover. You can still use your cover as a stand, etc. Of course, even if you didn’t unroll it, it wouldn’t get in the way of using the cover as a stand… So the roll up, roll flat feature is really only there for geek appeal. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want one. Heck yeah I do 😉 If you want one too, you can pledge $30. You’ll even get your choice of 4 different colors.

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  2. VERY cool idea! I don’t need a stylus for my iPad.

    But I like the concept (which I hope he has patented) for a regular pen. It would be thin enough to slip into the pocket of my checkbook and then could roll up to make it easier to write.

    And would be good for just having a pen anywhere.

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